Wall Panels

When Annandale Millwork/Allied System delivers our precision-engineered wall panels, we give the framing contractor a complete, easy-to-follow layout which labels every panel location so an entire house can be put up in a manner of days.

With our pre-fabricated wall sections, a builder can customize window and door openings before the panel is delivered to the job site. And with our Erector Set, we can reduce the time it takes to close in a house.

Why use panels? We have the equipment to work with a builder to de-bug the architectural drawing before you get to the site. Dimensioning, the location of windows, and any errors and omissions by architect or engineer are worked out in our warehouse so that when the product is delivered it works as one system, thus assuring homogeneity and consistency. When the house is framed, it truly represents what was in the architectural plan.