Benefits of Component and Panelized Building Systems (Video)

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Allied Systems and Annandale Millwork, provide panelized building systems designed to significantly reduce construction labor costs and time that will improve your bottom line.

Panelized and component building systems are a building technique that reduces new construction costs, workforce requirements provide tighter standards, require few materials and provides better use of raw materials resulting in 30% less waste on the job site.

We engineer and fabricate our panel systems in our dedicated manufacturing plant based in Winchester, VA. This process allows us to control the building environment and enables us to ensure the highest level of quality.

Once we have completed the manufacturing of your panel systems, we ship them to the job site. At the site, the shell of a panelized home or commercial construction can be erected and made weather-tight in a matter of days. Costly new construction holdups are greatly reduced or eliminated.

We provide complete engineering and logistical services that will ensure a timely construction process.